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Why 2-hour lesson?

From time to time we are asked the question why our default lesson length is 2-hour, not like “others” only 1 hour?

First, most of our students gave feedback that 1 hour lesson feels quite short, they wanted longer lessons so they can achieve more in one go;

Secondly, from the coaches’s point of view, 2 hour lessons can give learners more value for money by avoiding this typical 1 hour lesson syndrome — learning something half way and it’s time to go home, and next lesson it has to start basically all over again;

Thirdly, it’s a basic sport concept, you train longer than your game. If a 100 metre runner wants to achieve something, only running 100 metres and go home is just like a joke. The nowadays driving test is about 40 minutes by itself, plus warm up time before reaching the driving test centre, it’s over an  hour easily. Anyone who is serious in winning a tough game would train longer than the game itself, that is to say, 2 hour lessons would give learners much more advantages than 1 hour lessons when facing the driving test, and more importantly, beyond driving test.

In short, 2 hour lessons can ensure better quality, better value for money, and more technical advantages when facing tough driving situations. I suspect, the students from those 1 hour lessons may struggle more in the driving test and beyond.

Of course our primary focus is safe driving, when a student appears incompetent physically and/or emotionally, we have no problem to end the lesson early to ensure safety standards. This does not happen a lot on the other hand from our experience.

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