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Two types of drivers: the safety givers, or the takers?

Many people asked me, why my driving is smooth, but I could not pass the P driving test? Many of these people have driven in Australia for years with their learners or overseas licenses, mostly safely, why I just could not pass the test?

The answer lies on the difference between the driving safety givers, or the takers.

The safety givers are those whose scanning is real time, sharp, proactive, with wide angel coverage; also they are highly sensitive to lines, markings, signal lights, rules, make no mistakes by themselves, and more importantly, they can also cover other road users mistakes and stay safe.

The safety takers are those drivers who would make some “small” mistakes, e.g. cross the line when turning, cut other vehicles in when joining traffic, no blindspot checks when changing lanes, follow front traffic very closely, and no ideas or skills of handling someone else mistakes or potential dangers. Their safety has to rely on other road users to be able to handle or cover their mistakes, if the other party also makes mistake then accidents quite likely would happen.

Guess which group RTA/RMS is willing to issue licenses to?


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