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The Oatlands accident was totally avoidable, but sadly it took 4 kids lives!

During the weekend, a four-wheel drive lost control due to driver’s 3 times over legal alcohol limit, took 4 kids lives who were walking on footpath, just outside the golf course on Bettington rd, Oatlands, near North Parramatta.

Sam, one of our clients, lives across the road. He literally heard the scremming on Saturday. He was attempting the driving test today. Think about how he would feel. On the way we drove pass hundreds of flowers, 10s of balloons, people were morning and praying there, all drivers drove very slowly to pay respect. Wasn’t it a bit too heavy right before the P test?

Brave enough, Sam nailed it with 99% high score. We encouraged each other, be a good driver in our neibourhood, to give people hope, it can be done by all of us. Thats what gets me up everyday.

The terrible accident was totally avoidable, simply don’t drive after drinking, or if driving, don’t drink. It’s so simple, wasn’t it?

Here is a link about the accident on channel 7:¬†–c-681775


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