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The Lesson before driving lessons–Not every school is the same

I come from a small town where there was no need to have a car much. My parents never had one and they never had driving licences and I grew up with the idea, that if there is a bus or a train, then I don’t need a car. So, here I was, married with a child, at the other side of the world and I needed a car and a licence.

We first picked a driving school that we have seen a lot around our neighbourhood. I did about 20 to 30 lessons and spent a lot of money and it was a waste of time. I only knew how to drive around round abouts on small streets and I always had the feeling that it will take me forever to get until I learn and feel confident on the road. We gave up on it and tried it with the family, but it wasn’t as easy either.

We decided to try again with a driving school and I knew I had to do more in depth research and couldn’t just pick anyone from the road that had a shiny, colourful advertising on top.

I did some research on Google on different websites and sent my details on a few. I got a call after a few minutes from Auto 1 driving and I booked a one of trial lesson.

I met Will and from the beginning he set me straight and I liked that. No fooling around like the previous instructor. I’ve been given 6 months to get my licence and no more than that. Some people like me, need this boost.

The first lesson was an assessment and at the end of it I was given a result with my strengths and weaknesses and on what I have to work on. For the first time I was treated like an individual and not someone from the crowd.

I knew that this will work and I continued my lessons with the school. By the end of it, I achieved not only a Provisional licence, but the confidence that I am good at what I put my mind to and confidence in driving.

I had a trial test and that also helped me a lot in preparation for the actual test. I got a 97% on my actual test and I was in tears when I received my P. I couldn’t have done it without Will. He taught me the right things and taught me how to be safe when I drive. I take his teachings every day with me when I am driving the car.

I will recommend Will to all my friends and anyone that might need help with their licence at any point in time. It was worth it all the money and time spent.


My tips would be: do your lessons with the teacher at least twice a week and do some practice with family and friends in between. Also, don’t look for expensive advertising when you look for a driving school.

Read what it said on their websites and check the performances and testimonials from their students. Also, don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more money. It means that you will get a better service. Cheap lessons give you cheap service too and you would be wasting your time with it.


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