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The costs of home driver training (any risk?)

Isn’t the home training free? I thought so too! until I heard some stories from students.

Case 1. A lady was learning driving with hubby in their 4-wheel drive, lost control, hit a metal fence, luckily no one injured. They had commprehensive insurance, but the Eccess was $1300 because she was a new driver. So she thought it’s a much idea to learn from a driving school that would pay the eccess if at fault, and of course, much safer too, so she joined our school.

Case 2. A young girl was learning driving, the landlord was kind enough to offer a helping hand. so they went to liverpool from castle hill, when she could not even steer properly, and somewhere in a narrow street, she hit a parked car, so the eccess was $1300.

Case 3. This is the worst so far. Shelly had a free lesson from a friend that cost her $15,000. She steered the car incorrectly to a side, used the accelerator as break, hit a wall hard, and found out the car was not insured, so she paid for all loss…

And many other students in our school do it a very different way, join a quality driving school 1st, learn solid driving skills, get protected, and start home training later. Home training is only good, IF, we handle the risks well.

Want to know more about how to supervise a new driver, check out our FAQ:

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