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Thank you from Rita

Dear Will
I hope you  remember me, this is Rita  from Blacktown,
I was taking driving lessons from you.and got my full driving licence from Blacktown RTA
My apology for delay sending you email because i had exams and then i went overseas for 1 month,
I wanted to share my driving experience with you,
Will you are just amazing,/ great!!!!!
you increased my confidence in very first lesson tremendously
I have been  learning from more than 4 instructors previously but you are the best teacher.
you picked my small mistakes in very first lesson and polished my driving skills without wasting time like other instructors.
your driving teaching techniques are  unique.
Thank you so much Will for identifying and appreciating my learning abilities
also thank you for giving your time in the morning so did not have to take leave from my work.
with your high quality teaching and encouragement  in addition to  my husbands guidance, support and motivation  ,  I am so happy that I got my Full driving licence with 97% marks.
Thank you very much
Rita Juthani
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