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Stand up all traffic accident victims!

Very unusually, we took on 2 students who were accidents victims just in one week.

Student A’s family car was hit by a red light runner, which put her off learning driving for 4 years, and she still feels very nervous 4 years later when learning driving in our school. The pain and the shadow just do not seem to go away. You think 4 years a long time? please read on…

Student B had a horrible accident with family 24 years ago when she was only 16, and only her son got her back to driving 24 years later! — she is already a 40 year old woman.

Our son also had an accident early this year, hit by a car from behind. He is a tough boy, did not even cry to have injection with doctor when he was a baby. When I knew he had the accident, I cancelled all lessons that day and went straight to rescue him. I saw my tough boy in total shock after the accident without any physical injury. My heart was broken into pieces. I first time, first hand realise how accidents can affect people psychologically much more than any physical injury.

We had a lot to share in common with those 2 students about accidents, and encourage them to stand up from the accidents, leave the past behind, be the example of a good driver in town, be part of the driving force to make Sydney a bit better…and may I extend the invitation to all who had accidents and feel too afraid to drive again–stand up and be part of the GOOD driving force!

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