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Some of the most common fail items in P driving test

1) Over shoulder checks and checks in front of traffic lights

Many drivers out there could have developed a habit of inconsistent blindspot checks(over shoulder checks). They just look at the mirrors only and change lanes etc, and the learners could become the same. Also the new drivers now are required to check any one running the red light before proceeding, but many “parents” are not aware of this simple but life saving skill. The P test only allows max 2 observations check miss, its too easy without proper training!

Here is a list of when you need checks:

  • Leave or return to the kerb.
  • Merge, diverge or change lanes.
  • Are about to reverse, such as in a reverse parallel park and 3 point turn.
  • Turn at intersections, leave or join the road.
  • Cross lanes within a roundabout on exiting
  • First car at green light

2) Stop Sign        

We all learnt what “stop” means early in kindie however still many adults failed to stop in front of the solid line. Many think they “stop” while still slow rolling, or stop on top of the solid line. Something as simple as this can cause a fail.

3) Turning position

A wide left turn or a right turn cutting corner is not safe anymore, please refer to the page 14/15 of Guide to driving test

4) Speed  

Well I live here too and I see many drivers drive over the speed limits, if this passed to the new driver, he/she won’t last long in the P test…

5) Orange light (or yellow/amber light) handling

Again most drivers out there would do “go before it turns red”, however the test requires “stop if safe to do so” (P28 of Guide to driving test)

6) Crossing lines unnecessarily  including invisible middle lines in small streets

Well an adult driver crossing a solid line, or drive on the other side of a small street unnecessarily the consequence is almost nothing, but for P test its a fail. More info see P 29 of Guide to driving test

 7) Signals (blinkers)

Many drivers signal very short time or simply no signal, but the test requires longer than 3~5 seconds signals, also signal left when existing a roundabout (Castle Hill and Mt Druitt drivers be aware!). See P31 of Guide to driving test

8) “Rush in” Decisions

All drivers are supposed to have enough space before joining traffic, but we can see plenty of drivers cut people in on a daily basis. The new drivers could be infected with this habit too so causing a fail item in the test. See P31 of Guide to driving test

There are more things please contact us for more details.

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