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Should I hire driving school’s car for P driving test?

I got asked this question quite often, so I think it’s time to talk about it for future clients to make informed decisions.

So you have a car, you think you are good enough to tackle the P test, and you can afford to hire the driving school car for test, but you are not sure if you should, let me share some of the reasons why previous clients still hire our car when they had a car:

  • Their car was not suitable for the driving test, usually the car was a bit old, or the car is quite big and the learner did not feel comfortable
  • They felt that they did more technically in the school’s car,  and more casually in their own car, easier to speed etc
  • They felt the school car is safer as it has a dual control fitted, in case they messed up the test officer could do something
  • They felt that the test officers would prefer the school’s car as it has the dual control fitted
  • They felt that the instructor may do a better pre-test technical warm up than their family/friends
  • The cost for the family/friends to take a day off is huge, or difficult to arrange a day off,  better to hire the school’s car
If you can find a good reason to hire the school’s car for test, please speak to your instructor. If you can’t, maybe better use your own car. I hope this has given some information for the learners to make a informed decision.
Background information:

Firstly, you must have access to a working condition car before you decide NOT to hire the driving school’s car for test; if you cannot access a car (own or borrow from family/friends), your only choice is to hire the school’s car. You must bring a car to do the test, the RTA/RMS does not supply test cars but only test officers.

Secondly, you must have minimum driving skill level before you can hire our school car for test. It has two layers of consideration: one is good enough not to have accident, and the other is you would have a good chance to pass the driving test, as it’s unethical to let someone to hire our car for test when we know it’s almost impossible for this client to pass the test on current skill level.

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