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Prepare your lessons and be a winner

To prepare a lesson may be a strange idea for new learners, at this stage it is usually the coach’s job to plan for a lesson based on the way a learner learns. However if a learner has done  a couple of hours or over, he/she must have learnt something, and is supposed to bring back what was learnt in the previous lessons, and the content list keeps going longer and more to bring back.

At the end of the day, all our training is about driving by yourself!

By the time we do mock tests, the learners are supposed to bring everything learnt to the section, and drive independently,  technically and confidently. Without preparing the lessons before coming, it just takes longer to get ready for the P test.

Here is what a perfect learner looks like: 

After 20 years of L plate she made it one go in P test 96%,what can we learn?

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