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Planning 2 months ahead for your driving test bookings

I am sure many of you planning to nail your drivers license test this year and making it a milestone. Good on you! Here are some tips on booking your test that will help to increase your chances of success.

You need to know that if you book today, any good slots are about 3 weeks away for the DKT, HPT, and P driving Tests. There will never be any good slots available next week, so don’t even think booking your test tomorrow :=).

For example, if you are ready to attempt your P test as a local 18 year old who just finished your 120 hours for the log book (phew!) or above the age of 25 without the need for a logbook, you must book and pass the HPT (Hazards Perception Test), before you can even book your P test. So make sure you book the HPT and attempt it 3 weeks later. If  you are smart and prepared enough to nail it in one go, then you can finally book the P test here you will be able to find a good time slot (non school zone time) in about 3~4 weeks away. So very easily, 2 months are gone, and that assumes you nail everything one go. In case you messed up anywhere, please be prepared to add another 3 weeks at least. So planing up to 2 months ahead is essential for you to achieve your goal.

For those who have overseas licenses, you may skip the HPT, however you must pass the DKT (Drivers Knowledge Test) before you can book the P driving test. The bad news is, a good number of our students with overseas licenses are not recognised by the RMS and must present a confirmation letter from the overseas authorities, typically by their embassy. Or for some Indian licenses, their surnames on the licenses are different from their passports, requiring them to spend much of their time and money rectifying and fixing the issue. Because of this, some students simply give up, and do it the local way: DKT, HPT, P test before getting their red P’s. No matter which way you choose, you need TIME and lots of it. So once again, plan ahead.

And don’t forget, test booking is one thing,  the test readiness (your driving skill) is the real key to pass the test. So letting professionals who know the process inside out to guide you along the way will be paramount to your success.  We look forward to another fruitful year together.

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