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Paid $15,000 for a FREE lesson

True story…one of my friends, got a very kind offer from her friend,¬† that he could help her learn driving in his car, a sweet start.

In the 1st lesson, my learner friend, although under “supervision” from her friend who was a full licence holder, slammed on the accelerator and turned the wheel to the wrong side, and hit a building’s letter boxes wall.

And her nice volunteering  friend, did not have insurance. So she paid for the repair of the building and the car, total $15,000.

A very sad story…

If, she took on an instructor’s lesson, paid maybe $50 for that lesson, that kind of accident very unlikely to happen, coz the instructor would have full control to the car and much better trained to handle the ‘rough learners’…even it happened, she could have enjoyed the no liability treat, and even better, the instructor would have to arrange a taxi to take her home, with no charge to her.

You know what I mean…

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