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One passed P test, another failed, why?

This week we had two students attempted the P test, A passed, B failed, understanding why should help many students for the future.

The two students are highly similar, same age, same gender, same cultural background, similar learning ability, both started the same skill level — basic drivers, and the coach and test centre was the same too! How come the outcome so different? By the way their outcomes of tests were pretty much expected without surprise.

The difference is only one thing, A student did as many as 6 trial tests until passed it, so he was trained well for the real test; B student only did one trail test, failed it, and ignoring the coach’s advice to do more, just went straight for the real P test and failed with no surprise.

The final stage of trial tests until pass, is the most critical stage of the training, its a powerful tool to help you pass 1st go!

The B students way, seemed to “save” (really?) money, its ¬†more time/money consuming, and may be depressing too! Now he is struggling to book a slot for next test, while waiting for next test his performance could drop without training. Driving test is not a gambling, there is very little luck factor in there.

If you are thinking to “save” money by skipping the trial tests, please do yourself a favour and go to the Student A’s way — keep trial tests until you pass!

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