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New School Record: 99% ONE GO!

Blake from Blacktown created 2 school records yesterday:

1. Highest 1st attempt score (Corey from Parramatta kept 98% record for a year);

2. Highest score for boys.

Anyone who wants to break this record will have to get a full mark in 1 go… $100 cash prize (in our car), who is up for that?

He also asked me a question “what works?”. I was too happy to think about that. After some thoughts later I think the first credit has to go to the parents. The mum paid for 10 hour package initially, and another 10 hour package before the test. After I said “he is ready for test”, they still delayed the test and booked for a few more hours just to make sure. Because Blake was so over-trained, his score did not come too surprisingly.

Secondly Blake is so talented in driving and has a great attitude of safe driving, so he can resist the bad influences from open roads and peer pressure, trained himself to be just like the RTA text book. Also he is in his peak age of learning driving, so he got a score that even I can’t get it myself.

Thirdly and a bit embarrassingly, our school is part of the reason for this success.

Last question for everyone, while a 90% pass and a 99% pass both get the same license, do you think they are the same level of driving , and they react the same in time of emergency?

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