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Manual or Auto?

Many people asked me about learning manual. I personally think, the best way for most learners to drive manual, is to learn in auto (the safe easy way), get Ps, then full licence, then with the rich driving experience, learn a couple  of manual lessons, and legally and competently drive a manual. I do respect that some people are more talented in driving (like myself :)), but for most learners, auto is the way.

Also the auto cars are as cheap as manual cars now, it takes away the economical need to get a manual.

I know how to drive manual and could have got a manual instructor licence, but I purposely chose an auto licence is for the safety of most  learners. I am only a driving test away from the manual instructor, and I am pretty sure I can pass it.

My apology to those talented learners who would want to start with manual. If more people ask me to be a manual instructor, maybe I will change my mind.

At the end of the day, we don’t know our future. So say “I love you” to the loved ones today, not tomorrow.

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