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If I don’t have a car or a home trainer, how can I practice between lessons?

Driving is a doing thing, so if your family can supervise your driving, and let you have access to a car, by all means do it.But what if I don’t have any of these? Shall I just do nothing between lessons and only worry about driving in the lessons?

Today I was teaching a student whose family are all P holders so no one helped practice, however she finished the steering lesson much sooner than I thought. I asked her why and how etc, she told me she watched some YouTube videos after last lesson. So you can too!

There are certainly ways to “practice” without a car, and they have helped some of our students progress after trying these ideas:

1)  Watch YouTube videos, RMS has 10 road rules videos here:

2) Watch how other people drive in the street, watch more driving videos on youtube, e.g. steering etc

3) Go back to your notes (yes you are suggested to take notes after each lesson)

4) Read the booklet Guide to driving test

5) Think about driving everyday (opposite to only worry about driving in the lessons)

6) Prepare for next lesson, while bring back the skills learnt in previous lessons

7) Read more driving tips here:

8) Draft a test action plan after your first mock test, sample is here: Driving plan

In sum just do something to own the driving, don’t just wait.


By the way, if you have a car doing these things can boost your progress and performance too!



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