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How to prepare your Log Book well before P test

If you are under age of 25 on the P test day, you’d need your log book. The test is stressful by itself for most peop0le, so prepare your log book well would certainly help reduce your stress. For some extreme cases, you may not be able to do the P test if your lob book has serious issues. Here are the step by step guide:

1. Please make sure every page has correct “Page Total” and “Running Total”, and numbers add up to over 120 total hours with at least 20 night hours. Every line must be signed and recorded accordingly.

2. Please make sure the Supervising driver sign the Declaration page, this is more important if the learner is using a driving school’s car, the instructor would not certify for something he or she is not 100% sure, if the supervising driver did not sign, that means the learner may not  be able to do the test!

For this page of “Learning Goals check list”,  all 20 lessons must be ticked too. This page is next to the Declaration Page.

3.  Please ask the supervising driver to sign ALL 20 Lessons, one by one

Please contact us asap if you have any question, we are here to help.

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