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How to overcome chronic excessive driving anxieties?

What if my excessive (more than necessary) driving anxieties are evident? Here are some tips summarised from our successful cases, hopefully they can help you walk through the dark tunnel like other winners:

1) You must admit that there is a problem. Denying a problem does not help fix it at all. The symptoms of excessive anxieties are discussed earlier:

Do I have chronic excessive driving anxieties?

2) Make a decision to DRIVE or NOT to. Sounds easy? Most people would say “I need to drive”! May I suggest, you may not choose driving without driving technically, eventually. If in your mind you don’t look forward to the idea that one day in the near future you are driving technically by yourself in the “scary” traffic flow, please do not choose driving lightly. Staying in between real driving and fake “driving” would really slow you down from learning driving, and some might never graduate after spending time and money (because deep in mind they have tried to avoid such a “near death expereince”!).

3) After the decision for real driving is made, build up the correct perception of driving. I found that almost all of this group had incorrect perception of driving, e.g. driving is scary/dangerous, will cause accident, driving is the boys job, driving must be careful ( however without scanning). etc. Let me clarify, driving, if learnt and done properly, is safe enough to enjoy. Proper driving is logical, factual, and technical. Good drivers would focus on scanning, which means responsive and proactive to driving environment, and afte simple thinking, act reasonably. As a comparison, if you have excessive driving anxieties, you would tend to drive your cars with the wrong things, e.g. fears, imaginations (other accidents), worries etc. These wrong ways of “driving” would drain your energy and concentration badly, so you don’t have much left to do the required things.

4) Once the correct concept of driving is set up initially, start learning it step by step. Do not worry that you can’t do it properly yet. The only worry is that you accept the wrong driving as normal. If you reject it, it will lose root, and the correct driving will take root step by step. We have many cases of successfully overcoming driving anxieties and they become technical drivers, following a similar path. Remember, only you can overcome your anxieties, however, we are here to help you step by step.

We look forward to more and more success in overcoming driving anxieties. Freedom is knocking…

The Story of Sara — from a scared, little chick to a technical and confident driver

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