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How to increase the chance of passing a RTA driving test?

Apart from what RTA put in the text book, we have a couple more useful tips here.

  • Book the test outside the busy hours and school zones. Usually, 10am-1.30pm is the best time for tests. Saturday mornings are always good however, very hard to be booked by learners without instructors…shhhhhhhhh.
  • Don’t rush yourself –the costs to fail can be high, $48 test fee, and if using instructor’s car, $120+, they are both non-refundable after the test. Ask your instructor for advice whether you are ready for test, or even do a trial test, would help you make a more informed decision. The failing of a driving test may impact your self-esteem in a negative way too.
  • Also its always good to have a safe buffer of your performance–You should only go when you consistently making no major mistakes (called ‘fail items’). If you sometimes do it, sometimes not, the chance of failing the test is high, coz very few people perform better than usual in the real tests.

All the best from Auto1 Driving School!

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