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How to handle P driving test stress?

The P test is never stress free, as instructor I went to a couple of the same test, including auto and manual, I felt quite stressful too. I can’t teach anyone to be stress-less, however, the main thing is that we keep the required skill level under stress, with that in mind, I can share a couple of tips.

1) Train Hard–The best way to reduce the stress is to train hard, do enough mock tests,knowing you are ready, then the P test would not have much surprise;

2) Dealing with Test Officer — Most people are afraid of the test officers, tell you what, the most friendly test officer could fail you if you sped, and the most unfriendly test officer could pass you if you did nothing major wrong. So at the end of the day its about your performance, not the test officer. You may do the test like driving with a (human) GPS, if this helps you stay calm;

3) Just Do it! — Good driving requires you to scan, think and respond properly. If we keep worrying about the mistakes I made, or will I pass/will I fail, we simply would not drive well enough to pass such technical test. Please keep the driving driving, leave your worries, anxieties behind.

4) Don’t drive too much before test — about 30~45 minutes warm up would be good for most drivers;

5) A bit of “toilet training” — sleep well the night before, eat well for the day, and make sure you are not bursting before the test! knowing where the closest toilet before hand should help.

Also here is a good video to watch, you may search youtube for more videos:

How to Deal with Driving Test Nerves

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