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How to book Driving P Test when there seems none available slots? (P Test Slot fishing)

Recently many people find that it’s almost impossible to find an available slot for P test. You are not alone. However following the methods here, all of our clients can find their slots. Here is how:

1) Open the test booking page on PC or mobile, normally you will find no available slots, keep it open and keep refreshing it as frequent as possible (even “F5” every 5 minutes), day or night, everyday, you will find something suddenly,

2) GET YOUR LICENSE AND CREDIT CARD READY all the time, so you can book in a minute or too. The slot would disappear very quickly because there may be other people doing the same thing too.

2) Pay extra attention for Tuesday late morning to Wednesday mid-night, and Thursday morning,  I heard that this is the time RTA release their new vacancies. No guarantee, but no loss to try either.

3) The slots between 10am – 1.30pm are the best ones, 9.30 or 2pm are OK. For school zone time or busy times, I would suggest you avoid it unless you do a lot of good training with a good instructor.

It’s kind of like fishing, you must have the hook out there all the time patiently, and you will catch fish. Goode luck with the “P Test Slot fishing”.

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