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How important is knowing P driving test routes?

Of course its the most important thing in many people’s mind. Many people think once they know the test routes¬†and drive a couple of times on them, they can pass easily. It’s no doubt the most sought secret of P test out there.

As you know we play the tough games and keep winning. Let me tell you from the middle of the battle field, the test route knowledge only contribute 10% to our success. So it’s not as important as many people think. Knowing the test areas certainly helps, however not more than 10%.

If the test route is all you know, but you know very little of what RMS/RTA wants, one can even fail at home street. True story — a student who lived in Castle Hill just did a couple lessons and went to the P test pre-maturely. Part of the test route she got was only 20 metres from her home, but she still failed as expected.

As a comparison, another girl was doing the P test in Castle Hill, a brand new route was used, she still nailed it the 1st go scoring 98%. It reflects her deep understanding of what RMS wants for safe driving, her rich ability to handle something unplanned, and our level of training not only to pass the test, but beyond.

So here is our success formula:

Knowing the requirements from Day 1 –>training all required skills on known test areas –> mock tests until pass –> real P test.

By the way, here is an outdated made up test route, please use it as reference only.


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