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How does a “perfect learner” looks like in a coach’s eyes?

After holding the learner license for over 20 years, Kris from Carlingford made it yesterday and she has to believe now she can finally drive by herself!

While she gives credit to us, from the coach’s observations she has done pretty much our recommendations and more,
here is the coach’s summary of 10 things she did and hope the other learners may rip the benefits by learning from her:

1) she asks for referral from a friend before calling us;

2) she tries before she “buys” a training package;

3) she takes notes after every lesson so she can go back to it anytime

4) she reads the booklet Guide to driving test so she becomes more knowledgeable of the driving test requirements

5) she read our driving tips and testimonials so keeping herself more knowledgeable and more inspired every day

6) she practices between every lesson and the home trainer works very well with her under our coaching

7) she books and plans the test early and well

8) she over trained herself by passing the trial test 4 times (twice for each side of test zone), as a comparison some

learners weren’t even willing to do  1 or 2 trial tests

9) she keeps encouraging the coach so the coach can teach her with peak performance as well

10) she literally went to RTA the day before the test to observe how the test works (this really blows me away!)

11) she watches YouTube video on “how to handle driving test anxiety”

12) she started writing the testimonial about us days before the test!

As her coach I can only say that she is very special and she well deserved the pass of a high score! If you do what she

did, you will be blessed too!
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