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Driving Test is easier than the real life driving!

Many people think that the driving test is so terrible, but I can tell you from experience, at least, it’s much easier than the driving tomorrow if you got your license today. Why? Let me explain…

1) Timing wise, most of us would book the off peak time to avoid school zones and busy traffic, but once we got the license, would you only drive during 10am~1pm? So if someone can’t drive properly during off peak time, how would his/her driving be during peak traffic hours???

2) local knowledge wise, we can practice on the test areas again and again, before the test; but afterwards who would practice 10~20 times before seeing a friend?  So if someone can’t drive properly in the local ares, how would his/her driving be in an unfamiliar area???

3) preparation wise, we would get us ready physically and mentally ready for the test, but we would still drive afterwards if we were sick tired or just had a fight with xxx…

4) stress wise, yes there is pressure in the test, but get real we drive under stress in our daily life too, getting late, bills overdue are just a couple of examples of stress.

So let’s get rid of any excuse, just train us well enough to make the test as easy as it should be. If you think or feel the driving test is hard, you just need more good training to become a better skilled driver!

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