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Driving P test is easy to pass, and easy to fail too, secrets?

The P driving tests are like a haunting house to many, it’s terrifying because too many things are unknown.

To us, driving tests are crystal clear, the “scary” test officers are humanly consistent in their marking, and they are a great defense line for our city’s driving standards and safety level. Well please don’t assume that RMS paid me to advertise for them. I am talking about my experience and our clients experience only.

If you know the standards of the P driving test, and you have a personal plan train yourself to the standards, better do some mock tests and pass at least one before going to the real P test, the P driving test result is predictable, quite often our clients got the same or highly similar score in both trial test and real driving test, like this one shown here. This is what we meant “passing the P driving test is easy”.

On the other hand, if the supervising driver (including some driving schools) and the learner did not know the full standards of the driving test, so there is no plan and skills goal set, nor doing the mock/trial tests to get used to it, to fail the P driving test is easy too, because there are 19 fail items, any one of them can fail the whole test.

This is the simple “secret” of winning or losing. On top of the test, please understand that the test level is the minimum level for new drivers to drive safely in current traffic conditions, so please be serious and wise enough not to overlook what RMS is expecting the new drivers to archive.


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