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Driving in the rain

Driving in the rain is not as romantic as “walking in the rain”. Here are some tips to help new drivers prepare for their first driving in the rain.

1) Turn on the windscreen wipers to get clear vision, it’s usually on the other side of blinkers (turning lights) , push down to turn it on, and wiping faster, or lift up to slow down the wiper, and highest position is “stop”. Use back window demister or wiper (if installed) to maintain rear vision.

2) Turn on air cond to clear the moisture that would make the windscreen and windows blurry.

3) If the road surface is wet, use lower gears, e.g., turn off the “ECO” mode, to get better grip for the tyres from road surface

4) Drive a bit slower (5~10 km KMH less) than usual for light to moderate rain, and 20 or more KMH less for heavier rains. Do not stop at the side of motorway when heavy rain pouring down,  it’s highly highly dangerous because in heavy rain, the other drivers including truck drivers cannot see well, the risk of being hit from behind is very high, and if that happens, fatality is quite likely in such a high speed area. Keep driving slowly is a much safer option in the heavy rain until you can exit motorway and park aside safely.

5) Brake earlier and gentler than usual as the brakes take longer distance to stop the car. Keep longer following distance from front vehicle so you can have plenty of time to use brakes.

6) Avoid braking when turning as your car might easily skid and lose control.

7) Turn on your lights especially fog lights (if installed) to improve your car’s visibility to other drivers so your safety also improves

Luckily Sydney only snowed once in the past 25 years, so it’s not really a worry. However, in summer the hail storm is a real threat. I got it once in my driving life. What I did was to find a nearby undercover carpark and hide in there with another dozen of drivers, and only got out when the hail storm stopped. Do not hide under trees as you might be hit by thunders.

If you are not sure of how the relative controls work, please refer to your car’s owner’s manual. Alternatively, you are welcome to give us a call to discuss. Your safety matters to us.

Please do not drive into the rain without being prepared properly.

Driving in the rain
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