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Doing the test earlier ? Passing the test earlier!

This week we have 4 students attempting the driving test, 3 of them passed the 1st go, 1 failed the 3rd(!) attempt, what a huge differnce!

The student M who failed the 3rd test, is as good as the other three students. Even he failed 3 times, he got 96%/97%/98% in 3 tests so he is not bad at all. There is only one thing he did differntly that set him up: the time and location he chose.

The 3 winners followed our advice to book the recommended test time and RTA centres, so with the same training level they passed the 1st go;  but M, after repeated warnings, still chose the undsired test time and RTA centres, so he failed 3 times. I hope his next booking will follow our advice. He did not really have to learn the lesson in a bad way and I truly hope, the current and future learners of our school, will learn from his case.

So tips for school zone time test: you must live in the area and know the school zones inside out, and you do professional training for more than 10 hours, you may consider it; otherwise, my suggestion is, don’t even think about it.

Doing the test earlier, DOES NOT EQUAL, Passing the test earlier!

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