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Congrats to ND, her readiness was known before hand

Congratulations to ND’s unquestionable victory. Often the license is the side product of the driving skills.

Her readiness was known before hand, if you look at her mock test score 2 days before the real test, the two looked identically the same. Here is the secret of our success:

  • Train every skill area to the P test required level
  • Do mock test until pass comfortably
So the P test pass (= the Driver’s License), will come naturally.
It has been proven again and again, you give what RMS want, they give you what you want. It’s time and money saving.
In driving, the shortcut, or fast training, will be proven the longest road to licensing. It’s time and money consuming, discouraging, and sometimes depressing.
We have the answer, you have your choice. Hope we can help more people go straight to their destination.
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