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Be a friend of driving, and driving will be a friend to you!

It’s obvious to everyone to “be driver freindly”, if we want to train ourselves to be good drivers.

But common sense is often not common and I have found a good number of learners in our school who are oblivious and unaware of the basic knowledge when it comes to driving, rather than being actively aware.

For example, some of our students don’t know their family car’s brand so when I ask them whether their car runs on petrol or diesel, the answer is “I don’t know”. Would you call this group of people “driver friendly”? How difficult it is to guide their learning progress to achieve the required driving test level?

Yes, I know, although the driving test does not examine how to re-fuel, and yes, as a driving school we can teach everything about driving. But I truly feel sorry for them, for missing out on their opportunity of being a true driver.

So if you happen to belong to such group, I do encourage you to change your mindset and behaviour, start learning one thing a day about your car/driving. Become a friend of driving, and driving will be a friend to you!


Here is a list a questions to test if you are a freind of driving. If you are unsure about more than 3 of them, you might not be a friend of driving, and you could feel driving is against you:

1. Do I know the brand/model of the car I am driving? (this car can be the driving school’s car if you don’t have one yet)

2. Does this car run on petrol or dissel?

3. When you turn the steering wheel, how many wheels of the car are actually turning (1, 2, 3 or 4)?

4. What colour are the lights for brake, turning signal and reversing?

5. Is your car a hatch back, sedan, station wagon, or SUV?

6. Do I know how to turn on/off the air-conditioning?

7. Do I know how to turn on/off the hazards light (when all the turning signal lights are flashing)?

8. Do I need to always wait for green arrows when I am turning at traffic light intersections?


1~3 unsure: pretty good

4~8 unsure: Not a friend of driving, yet



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