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Angle Reverse Parking 90 degree — Method 2



Signal your left indicator at least 30m and check centre mirror, left mirror and left blind spot, then Stop the vehicle parallel to and about ½ to 1 metre from the parking vehicle selected.

Note: the road marking line and the left rear wheel must be aligned or collinear to each other.

Turn wheel full left lock


Turn the wheel to the full right lock


Check center mirror, right mirror and right blind spot.

When it is safe move forward until the rear wheel is aligned with the second line Or road marking. Stop


Select reverse gear, check left mirror, left blind spot, centre mirror right mirror and right blind spot, Look back over your left shoulder through the rear window, and move back slowly when it is safe and no car coming from behind.


Stop. The car is now parallel to the parking car or to the road marking stop



To straighten the wheel, Turn 1 1/2 turn to the right.

1 ½ turn to

the right


Check mirrors and blind spots

Look back over your left shoulder and move back slowly when it is safe, until the rear of the car is about 10 to 50 cm from the kerb



Apply the hand brake

Select park gear

Cancel any indicators

Shut down the engine and remove the ignition key.

Remove seat belt open the door and leave the car.


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