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About Us

At Auto1 Driving School, we value you as one of the best Aussie drivers, so we endeavour to give you the best including:

  • Trainers are all RTA approved and registered
  • Dual Controls are fitted to all training vehicles
  • Trainers have extensive training expertise
  • Every lesson is structured to the highest quality
  • We offer you a pace that best fits your needs
  • All trainers have passed the police screening
  • We are insured up to $20 million dollars

Best of all, on top of the technical training, we’ll assist you in increasing your esteemfor driving that many driving schools just simply ignore.

So why wait, partner with us today to change the future — its your future! Call us now at 0416112328.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase the chance of passing a RTA driving test?

Apart from what RTA (RMS) put in the text book, we have a couple more useful tips here.

  • Book the test outside the busy hours and school zones.
  • Don’t rush yourself – Ask your instructor for advice whether you are ready for test, or even do a trial test, would help you make a more informed decision.
  • You should only go when you consistently making no major mistakes (called ‘fail items’). If you sometimes do it, sometimes not, the chance of failing the test is high, coz very few people perform better than usual in the real tests.
How can I get the lisence faster?

Most people wanted their lisence yesterday, so here are some tips to help:

  • Take notes after every lesson so you can go back to it anytime
  • Practice what you learnt between lessons, most of driving things you can’t get it until you drive a lot
  • Do a little mind game (close your eyes) and “drive” in your mind
  • Read the booklet Guide to driving test
Which RTA (RMS) Driving Test Centre is better?

Not every RTA centre is the same for learners, due to the road and traffic conditions during normal test hours.

We cannot reveal how unequal they are due to the sensitivity of the issue. Please give us a call if you wish to discuss which RTA test centre is good for you.

Do I need log book and 120 hours?

Simply, if on the driving test day you are over 25, “no”. If you are far under 25 and you don’t want to wait till you are 25, “yes”.

If I failed a driving test, do I have to wait before doing another one?

Yes, 1 week waiting period between 2 driving tests.

Should I learn Auto or Manual?

Many people asked me about learning manual. I personally think, the best way for most learners to drive manual, is to learn in auto (the safe, easy and less expensive way), get Red P, convert to Green P 1 year later, then with the richer driving experience, learn a couple of manual lessons, and legally and competently drive a manual. I do respect that some people are more talented in driving (like myself :=), but for most learners, auto is the way.

Why you are so “expensive”?

We get calls sometimes just asking about the price, nothing else. This is certainly not wise, coz a poor quality instructor, maybe cheap, can cost you much more. Think about you pay $40 for a lesson that confuses you more…

Some students switched to us from other schools told us that painful experience. Read their Stories

The good idea is, to choose the instructor not only by price, but also by quality. To choose the cheapest in town with great quality is the way to go, and they are only a phone call or an email away from you…:=)

How can I save for driving lessons?

There are certain ways to reduce the costs of driving lessons, but please check the QUALITY of the driving school/instructor first!

  • Do longer than 1 hour in one go, e.g., 1.5 hour per lesson, even 2 hours per lesson
  • Pay for 10 hours or more in advance to get a ‘wholesale deal’
  • Go to your driving school/instructor by public/private transport
  • Avoid bookings during weekends/evenings
How to supervise new drivers?

he “supervisors” here refer to parents, spouses, ex, uncles/aunts, neighbours, siblings and friends etc that are supervising new drivers.

I get asked this question quite a bit from loving parents so I think I better write them down for future references.

First thing to supervise is to learn. The fact is that “parents” usually get their license a quite a while ago, in average 20 years ago, the requirements are quite different now although the driving basics are the same. There are a couple of way to learn: 1) RTA used to host a free seminars for parents so if its still on book your seat; 2) read this little booklet : Guide to driving test  3) talk to a qualified instructor.

Second thing is to choose the location carefully. To supervise new drivers can be challenging, and sometimes even dangerous. So please try to plan the driving ahead, think about if the new driver can really handle the situation you throw on them.

The third thing is, do NOT compare a new driver with you — a driver with 20+ years experience. Many of us tend to forget how dump we were when learning. Please accept that the new drivers can make mistakes (we still make some anyway), and if it happens, stay calm,  try not to shout, unless its really dangerous. If you plan your “lesson” before hand, the highly dangerous situation should be eliminated. What you focus on is to avoid big mistakes, and don’t worry about they push too deep, break too hard, steer too much etc as long as you are safe, coz the driving will become smoother with more hours down the track.

The fourth thing is, after the initial stage of learning and the ‘new’ driver can drive quite comfortably, step back a bit so they can grow, eventually they are going to drive alone, they need to get used to it early. Try to create a more real environment for future under  your supervision, e.g. driving in music, let them plan the route etc.

The last but not least, do not over turn what the instructor has taught (what you have paid for). For example we teach not to speed but a couple of parents think not to worry, then the worry might come when attempting test.

Happy supervising!


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