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A New School record

Our proven training system is, after quality training lessons, students would have learnt the required skill areas, and we would do some mock tests inside the school to see their PERFORMANCE as if it’s real P test, and most people would not pass the first one, then they took time to fix the issues identified in the mock tests, made the list shorter and shorter, and they would pass the mock test, then the real P test without surprise.

While the system has proven itself again and again, in a whole year, if we have 2~3 students passed their first mock tests, we are over the moon!

And the funny fact is, they all failed the second mock test due to unknown reasons, its been like a curse (lol) we wanted to break! I have been dreaming, what if someone can break this “curse” and passed tow mock tests in a row.

She came finally! On 30th January 2019, after only 6 hours of training, M passed two mock tests in a row even I tried my best to find any major fault in her driving, and I could not find one. Both tests she ccored the same high score 96%, very stable and consistent performance.

M is no doubt highly talented in driving, and I am happy that our training system can cater for the talented and not so tanlented, making our neighbourhood better one step at a time.


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