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A miraculous 98%!

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What can I say about Auto 1 Driving School? Within the first few lessons, I was really impressed by the high standards of instructing by Will in terms of the invaluable tips, tricks and attention to safe driving that made all the difference for my driving. What drove my improvement overtime was Will’s faith in my ability¬†to drive well as this gave me more confidence to be the best driver I knew I could be.

Before going for the test, to be honest, I wasn’t fully confident that I would pass it but the experience I had through Will’s trial tests and preparation on all areas helped ease my concerns. Before I knew it, I had passed with a miraculous 98% score and I cannot thank Auto 1 Driving School enough for their honest, upfront and quality driving instructions I received.

For you guys looking for that driving school that will ensure you become a safe, practical driver beyond just getting your Ps, don’t go past this one. With someone like Will who will tell you things as they are and work together with you collaboratively is something extremely valuable and I cannot wait to hear more about your success stories!

Steven (happy driver)

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