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42 yo Asian lady, Persisted to succeed!

Grace joined our school 5 month ago, never driven before, at this age, with loads of driving fears, it would not be an easy case, would it?


The guess is right! the first few lessons were really rough rides, I got sore neck and back from them. We finally managed to finish the lesson contents, and it only came to another struggle — she was too feared to use what she learnt to drive by herself, and thats point of the test: to be able to drive by yourself safely.

So we spent almost the same leangth of time for the final preperation of the test, it was really a long dark tunnel until we finally saw the light at the end. Many people would have stopped training due to the pain of no hope, but she just kept pressing on.

After a few more lessons the hope finally came–she seemed to be able to take the full responsibility of driving gradully, and she passed the trial tests, and the real one today, with a score of 96%, in one go. Magic? I would say it is a great example of persistance!

And she holds a new record of our school: the highest age of high performer learning from new!

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